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Leadership & Executive Coaching
Work one-on-one with an experienced engineering leader to build on your strengths and transform the way you work.‍

Leadership coaching can put your career on the fast-track.
About coaching

Why a Coach?

Coaching provides leaders with a safe environment to work through difficult issues, pressure test their thinking, and get fresh perspective.

A coach works with leaders over an extended period of time to develop new skills in the real-world contexts.

Working with an external coach provides leaders with a safe environment, allowing tough, vulnerable conversations to flourish.

Experience Matters

Operators First

Working with an experienced engineering leader takes coaching to the next level. As you've probably experienced, engineering leadership is distinct from typical management. A leadership coach with deep operational experience understands how to apply leadership principles in the unique context of rapid growth software startups.

Learn from over 10 years of experience ranging from the first line of code through to late stage / pre-IPO.

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