Group Coaching
About Group coaching

What Is Group Coaching?

Group coaching provides an environment for multiple leaders to work together and support each other as a team with an experienced coach / facilitator.

The ideal group consists of 3-5 members who are roughly peers. Members can be from multiple functions (engineering, product, design).

Groups that want to work together can apply for coaching as a group, or you can apply as an individual. Individuals are then matched into groups having roughly similar levels.

Each group meets virtually at a regular time, and each group member has the opportunity to bring the questions and concerns to the group, with the coach / facilitator ensuring that all group members receive support.

Why Group Coaching?

What are the Benefits of Group Coaching?

Faster Growth
By sharing their challenges, and working in public, leaders increase their skills and experience level faster than working alone. Observing and helping others solve their challenges builds skills which prepares them to experience those challenges themselves.

Stronger Culture
Working in a Group Coaching environment encourages leaders to be vulnerable with each other and to support each other.

This effect translates outside the coaching context into a culture of increased collaboration, support, and respect. And, because leaders set the tone for your culture, this effect cascades downward, improving the culture of your entire organization.

Reduced Cost

Group coaching provides a highly cost effective way to support multiple leaders.

On a per person basis, group coaching can be 60%-80% lower in cost than 1:1 executive coaching1:1 executive coaching.

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