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Immediately Applicable

"Working with Don has given me a fresh understanding of problems I face as an engineering leader and left me feeling motivated to tackle the hardest of those issues.

I leave every session with a fresh perspective but also, importantly, practical tools + techniques that I am putting into action immediately."

Director of Data Science


Deeply Technical & Experienced

"I have been impressed with the deep knowledge and experience Don has related to engineering leadership and its challenges including and not limited to: communication with C-level executives/company board/investors, organizational structure, hiring/compensation, strategy and of course technology. I've had coaches in the past, but they were not also deeply technical like Don who has strong technical acumen across the full stack -- data, operations and its cost to the business, web applications, mobile etc. He has valuable experience as a CTO and VP of Engineering that makes him extremely qualified. He has helped me grow to be more effective at communicating up to executives and how to adapt my leadership responsibilities as my team has grown from 10 to 30 people. I attribute my success leading a team of teams to Don's guidance through the years."

Engineering Leader


Great For Founders

"Technical founders: you too can almost certainly benefit from talking to an engineering manager coach like @vpecoach! I'd esp recommend this to anyone who maybe hasn't built stuff in a minute or those who aren't experts on front-end dev. And if you say you want to do more to diversify your teams but are not sure how, put your money where your mouth is and get some TARGETED advice from someone who has been there and won't judge you. I haven't just gotten a LOT of value, I've gotten a lot of different KINDS of value from engaging @dnf!"


106 Miles

Best In Class

"Don is a best in class engineering leader with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with for over half a decade. He consistently brings new and constructive perspectives to the most challenging problems, particularly at the organizational level."

VP of Engineering


A Real Partnership

"I was lucky to meet Don as a first-time manager leading engineering from seed funding through series A, B and C.  I was able to open up to Don about a range of struggles, be it a personal challenge like overcoming my own defensiveness to an organizational challenge like designing org structure at team inflection points.  Don has the relevant experience and the thoughtful approach that makes him a great partner for identifying and overcoming the challenges that all technical leaders face.  Not only did his guidance lead me to become more effective, I also learned to be more satisfied by the challenges themselves."

Director of Engineering

OpenShift at Red Hat

Return on Investment

"As a startup Engineering leader, it’s often difficult to find effective leadership coaching and mentoring that really addresses the issues specific to the role. Sometimes, it feels like no one else could possibly understand the challenges specific to Engineering organizations. That’s where Don really shines as a coach and mentor. I have known Don for several years, within a coaching and mentorship context and spanning various stages of my startup career from seed through Series B. Whenever I’ve presented Don with a challenge I’ve been experiencing, he intuitively hones in on the central issue and asks targeted questions that help reveal solutions I hadn’t seen before. He is equally adept at coaching related to technology, people management, and company politics. The ROI on effective leadership coaching is huge, I strongly recommend chatting with Don."

Tricky Situations

"Don has been a trusted friend and advisor for many years. I continue to routinely seek his counsel for my trickiest situations. As an experienced executive, his depth and breadth of experience across variously-sized organizations and teams has given him terrific perspective. First and foremost he's a patient listener, asking insightful questions which is why I would trust him to mentor anyone on my team."

VP of Engineering


Cohesive and Effective

"I witnessed Don's impact building and coaching a diverse team first hand at Medium where he was doing it long before it was fashionable. His nurturing and inclusive style, and focus on empathy and self-awareness during hiring, created the most psychologically safe team I've ever been a part of, and not coincidentally, the most effective."

Principal Engineer


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