Engineering Businesses

Engineering Leaders are Business Leaders!

You're a successful engineering leader, but are you ready to be a business leader?

To operate at an executive level in engineering, a fundamental understanding of business is required. Unfortunately, engineering education and training programs rarely touches on these vital skills and the gaps become more and more evident the most senior your role.

Developed and delivered by 4x engineering executive Don NeufeldDon Neufeld, this workshop will give you tools you need to take impact and your career to the next level by:

  1. Mapping and leveraging your Business Ecosystem to correctly prioritize engineering impact and to identify new sources of value.
  2. Understanding key Financial Documents such as a Profit & Loss and how to use them.
  3. Identifying where your business or product is in the Lifecycle, and how that impacts your priorities as an engineering leader.
  4. Learning what makes effective engineering Strategy and how to create it.

This workshop is a total of sixteen hours of instruction and group exercises held online over four half-days.

"a great deep dive into best practices and tools to use on how to both approach 1:1s before you have them and what goes on in the room. Even though I'm an experienced engineering manager, there was a lot of really insightful and useful tips that I have quickly incorporated into my 1:1s with ICs and managers alike!"
Mark Buckalew
VP of Engineering
"It's been three weeks since I took part in the workshop and I already see positive impacts on my team.  It gave me a fresh set of ideas and tools to conduct more effective 1:1s with my ICs, as well as some take-home resources which will allow me to continue developing my managerial skillset.  The structure and pace of lecture was just right, the breakout sessions provided an opportunity to immediately engage with (and absorb) the material in a practical way, and it was obvious the content came from years of tangible experience.  Really good stuff."
Sean Wendt
Manager, Integrations and Solutions Engineering

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